Jin Jun Mei is a branch of Lapsang souchong and it is representative of high end Chinese tea. In recent years, it is more and more popular. But many people do not know how to brew the Jin Jun Mei and make the good tea a waste. Here 6 points for Jin Jun Mei brewing method.


  1. Utensil

Jin Jun mei is black tea, so suggest to use the tea cups specially for black tea,  or we can also use the glass cup which can make people sea the tea leaves stretching beautifully in water easily.


  1. Tea qty brewed a time

How much tea is suitable for a brewing? For Jin Jun Mei tea, 3-5g tea can be used for each brewing according to the habits.


  1. The way to put tea

Jin Jun Mei are made by tender tea bud and with mellow and rich tea fragrance. So before put tea, please warm the cup first with some water and then put tea slowly and gently. After this, high pouring hot water. You can enjoy the special mellow fragrance from Jin Jun Mei tea when the tea leaves stretching slowly in water.


  1. Water temperature

Water temperature is very important during a brewing. The suitable water temperature can help to make the tea taste to be richer and more fragrant. As usual, For Jin Jun Mei tea, the most suitable water temperature is about 85-90C which is a bit higher temperature for green tea. But if too much hot water, the Jin Jun Mei tea may be destroyed.


  1. Put water

As said before, the Jin Jun Mei tea is tender with tea buds. After warm cup and put tea, to avoid tea buds intensely roll inside water and protect the fluff of the tea buds, suggest to put water along tea cup wall slowly. And in this way, the infusion will be clear and bright.


  1. Brewing time

For the first brewing, keep the tea in water for about 45 seconds and usually Jin Jun Mei tea can last for about 8-10 steeps. The infusion is still sweet.




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