Keemun tea is one of very famous chinese black tea. There are many black tea varieties. But today, we do not discuss about the black tea varieties. We talk about the Keemun tea varieties.

Usually Keemun tea can be devided as Keemun gongfu tea( which is more popular in foreign counties) and handmade tea.

Keemun black tea varieties

For Keemun gongfu, also called as Keemun Congou tea, it is different from the handmade tea, there are some broken teas between which is because there is a chopping process during the tea making. And compare to handmade tea, the gongfu tea is smaller packing size which can help to save shipping cost. This is also why the gongfu tea is more popular in foreign counties. Many people like handmade tea, but in fact, if high quality, tea gongfu tea is almost the same as that for handmade teas.

Keemun congou tea (keemun gongfu tea)

Keemun congou tea (keemun gongfu tea)

For Keemun handmade tea, there are many different varieties, like Keemun Xiangluo, Keemun Maofeng, Keemun Jinzhen.

Keemun Xiangluo got it’s name is because the shape of the tea. The tea is a bit curly which called “luo” in Chinese. And the tea is with good aroma, which means “ Xiang” in Chinese. Keemun Xiangluo tea will be different colors according to the picking time. If picking early, there are more buds during tea and there are more yellow color during finished tea. If picking later, there are more black color in tea.

Keemun aromatic snail ( Keemun xiang Luo)

About Keemun Jinzhen, it also got it’s name according to the tea shape. The tea is tight and slender just like Enoki Mushroom which called Jinzhen in Chinese. For color, it is the same as that for Keemun Xiangluo. If pick early, there will be more yellow color because there are more buds. And if later, then more black color.

Keemun mao feng

Keemun Maofeng is a special Keemun tea that is carefully processed so that the tea leaves resemble Mao Feng( which is a green tea) tea in shape. So Keemun Maofeng is full tea leaves rather than broken leaves like Keemun gongfu tea. And another special details. For the high end Keemun Maofeng, the tea leave used are 1 leave 1 bud before Qingming Festival which makes the tea infusion is more mellow, sweet and mellow.

Keemun golden needle

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