Our Advantage

We are a tea manufacture with production, wholesales and export business. With the advantages of cultivation, production and processing for tea, we provide high quality teas for clients from both home and abroad.

Tea Growing Environment

Our tea is grown in the beautiful environment of Wuyishan, Wuyishan is known as the first Fujian mountains, is a typical Danxia landform, is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots.

Our Service

The teas we wholesale are Oolong teas like Wuyi rock tea Big Red Robe(Da Hong Pao), Cinnamon(Rou Gui), Water Fairy(Shui Xian), black teas as Lapsang Souchong(Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) and so on, If you have any needs, we will reply at first time.


Our business scope are…..

The teas we provided are Oolong teas like Wuyi rock tea, Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe(Da Hong Pao), Cinnamon(Rou Gui), Water Fairy(Shui Xian), Iron Goddess of Mercy(Tie Guanyin) and black teas as Lapsang Souchong(Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong), Golden Steed Eyebrow(Jin Jun Mei), Silver Steed Eyebrow(Yin Jun Mei) and so on.

  • Tea planting, producing and processing. Own the tea garden, all processes of making tea are in control by ourselves.Phasellus sit amet velit auctor turpis rhoncus.
  • Tea wholesales. Wholesales and supply tea for nationwide, the same quality, our price is more competitive.
  • Giftset tea Supplying. Various giftset options for different kind of teas. Custom giftset available.
  • Tea Retailing. Various tea for different occasion, good taste, good price.
  • Tea Exporting. supply premium tea for tea lovers overseas.

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Tea making process

Our mission

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Promote Wuyi tea culture so that more friends overseas can know more about Wuyishan and Chinese tea culture.

Integrating the tea resources in Wuyishan and spreading the Natural pollution-free concept to tea growers to ensure the teas we provided and produced are real natural and benefit for health.

Strictly control every processing links to make good teas with hart and soul so that friends overseas can taste and enjoy the suthentic wuyi rock tea with lower cost.

Integrating the resources of Eco-tourism and health resort efficiently to provide client more reasonable and efficient travel service in Wuyishan. We also provide additional value-added service related for tea products if needed.


Do you like tea?

The habit of keeping drinking tea is good for your health. If you like tea and don’t know where to buy good tea, please contact me.



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